Frequently Asked Questions

Be made to feel welcome.
We make sure that your power supply is up and running on the day you nominate.

Be personally served by our dedicated in-house Service Manager
Whenever you have a query simply email or SMS and you’ll be promptly contacted by our Melbourne-based Service Manager.

We love a bargain
Because we’re procuring electricity for the entire development, buying in bulk allows us to pass on savings to our customers and to offer great value electricity prices.

Feel free
By opting for OCEMS as your electricity supplier you have simply agreed to pay for the cost of the electricity until you notify us of the date you wish to vacate the property. You’re not bound by any lock-in, automatic rollover contracts or penalties when you decide to sell or move on.

Sit back and relax
Once you register on the OCEMS website you needn’t lift a finger. That means more time to enjoy your new apartment.

OCEMS negotiates and facilitates the purchase of electricity in bulk for a residential development as a whole and provides the lines and the meters to deliver the power to each individual apartment.

We take on responsibility for the overall payment of electricity consumption plus distributor and government charges via a parent meter. Each apartment is billed by us for the amount of electricity they individually consume.

Because the electricity can be purchased in bulk for an entire development, individual occupants stand to benefit from greater discounts than they may otherwise be able to negotiate on individual contracts.

OCEMS has a direct point of contact for answering queries related to the supply of electricity to your apartment or resolving any issues. OCEMS electricity rates are without a catch. There’s no lock-in, long-term, rollover contracts or penalties.

OCEMS bills every two months to assist residents to keep on track and to avoid surprises. This gives you greater certainty over when your bill arrives rather than a quarterly bill. If at any time you would like to check on your electricity usage simply contact us.

We offer a choice of payment options for your convenience.

Direct Deposit

You can pay your account by direct deposit the funds into our bank account using your customer number as a reference.


Pay by phone or online from credit card. Call 03 9078 9906 or log in to your online portal.

*Payments made by credit card will incur surcharge, please refer to the payment slip on the bottom of your bill.


The BPAY biller code and reference number information is located at the bottom of your bill.


To set up a Direct Debit by Bank Account OR Direct Debit by Credit Card, you will need to complete an EziDebit Direct Debit form. Please call or email to request for a DDR form.


Pay by mailing the payment slip on your account with your cheque to:
Box 1144
Vic 3053

Tariffs are displayed on your latest electricity bill

Extreme weather, significant weather events and maintenance work can occasionally impact electricity supply.

If the power issue appears restricted to your apartment (and not your neighbours or common areas in the property), your switchboard is the first port of call. Check that all switches are ‘on’ and if further assistance is required please contact the caretaker.

For situations where neighbouring properties are also experiencing power interruptions please contact The appropriate distributor – telephone numbers and websites are listed on the useful contacts page on this website.

Simply visit DISCONNECT under Customers on our website to advise us of you departure date and we’ll send you a final bill. There’s no lock-in tarrifs or termination fees if you sell or vacate the residence or should you decide to choose an alternative electricity supplier.

The Non-Mains Energy Concession assists cardholders who access non main energy electricity via an embedded network. All non-mains energy costs are covered from 1 January to 31 December each year. The amount of the rebate depends on the annual amount of each non-mains energy source purchased.

You must hold at least one of the following concession cards:
Pensioner Concession Card
Health Care Card
DVA Gold Card

Holders of a Health Care Card for Carer Allowance and Foster Care issued in the name of the child are not eligible. Holders of Veterans' Affairs Gold Cards marked 'Dependent' are not eligible.

The Non-Mains Energy Concession fact sheet is available to download on this site.

To download the Non-Mains Energy Concession application form click here

For help in your language call the Concessions Information Line on 1800 658 521 (toll free) and ask to speak to an interpreter.
For more information contact the Concessions Information Line on 1800 658 521 (toll free) or visit

Yes you certainly do and we will willingly advise you of the process should you so wish. But we hope that OCEMS’s competitive pricing minus lock-in contracts or penalties for moving on, great communication and ease of connection, billing and disconnection will keep you on board.

If there’s any part of the OCEMS service that you think we could do better we’d love to hear from you or should you experience hardship or payment difficulties at any time please get in touch so that we can work out a solution.